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Call on B&C Design to have your house windows tinted!


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There are various reasons for house window tinting:

  • More privacy thanks to a sandblast film (for example in the bathroom or hallway) or a mirror film.
  • Energy saving & more comfort: less heat, better isolation thanks to our sun & heat resistant films. Our films can make a difference of not less than 12 degrees Celsius.
  • UV resistant: all our films (except the sandblast film) are 99 percent UV resistant and protect clothing, furniture and floor covering from discoloration. Perfect for your dressing! These films can also be heat resistant.

Depending on the type of film and window, the film is installed on the inside or outside of the window. The length of the guarantee depends on the type of film/application (5 to 20 years).

B&C Design only works with high quality films of JohnsonWindowFilms, Hexis and SunTek, all brands that enjoy an excellent reputation. Thanks to our wide range of window films (sandblast film, mirror film, UV resistant film, heat resistant film,…), we can fulfill all your wishes. Don’t hesitate to ask for a free price offer. We are more than willing to pay you a visit and discuss the different possibilities.